Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Iron Deficiency Anemia

How will I know if I'm Anemic?

Iron deficiency can develop slowly. You might not even notice anything, except that you feel a little run down and tired. If you do notice symptoms, don’t wait. Schedule an appointment to see your doctor.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Make a note of your symptoms, your diet and the medicines you’re taking before you go, so you can share this information with your doctor. Here are some questions to make the most out of your doctor visit:

  • Do I have iron deficiency or anemia?
  • What do the lab tests show?
  • What are the possible causes?
  • Is this temporary?
  • Could my diet be a problem?
  • Is there anything I should or shouldn’t be eating?
  • Should I take an iron supplement?
  • Would Vitron-C® be right for me?

Download this checklist >

Bring this checklist with you to your next doctor's appointment and ask if Vitron-C® iron supplement could be right for you.

Tests and Diagnosis

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